Which video editor can be used to combine exported mp4 files?#

Well, the answer depends upon a few additional questions:

Those are only a few and additional ones may be more specific, but let us stick with a general overview for the moment.

Table of 3rd party video editors#

So what could be more obvious than to present the whole thing in a table? ;) But please understand this is only a list of example no totally complete overview. Furthermore I focused on the 360° video support. The "max resolution" column refers mainly to the export resolution supported/provided and is based on specs/faq entries at the time of writing (2022-01). To just edit your already reframed clips many good tools exist and most of the listed tools have that ability too.

Platform 360° Export Reframe max Resolution Paid
Davince Resolve Desktop with plugin1 4K p1
ShotCut Desktop 4K p1
HitFilm Desktop 4K p1
V360 App 4K5 p1
VeeR Editor App 4K5 p1
Collect - 360° Editor App (Android only) 4K5 p1
Mistika Boutique
Education Edition
Desktop 8K+ p1/✔
MistikaVR Desktop 8K+
PremierePro Desktop with plugin2 4K/8K3
DaVinci Resolve Studio Desktop by Fusion 32K
PowerDirector 20 Desktop 4K4
LumaFusion App (iOS only)
no 360° edit view
KineMaster App
(normal video editor)

1included Fusion can be used, but some may find "reframe360 XL" plugin more easier to use 2with "GoPro FX Reframe" plugin 3depending on hardware platform & selected codec; h.264 8K also with "AfterCodecs" plugin 4export can be raised above 4k with custom export profile, however preview resolution is limited to 4k. Please not also System Requirements. 5limit of mobile devices due to current hardware support

p1Registration might be needed