Who am I? _me_#

Hello. My name is Philipp Kolloczek. But just call me Phil. And, I guess you already realized the TLD, I'm from Germany.

As a technophile who also enjoys photography, filming and trying out all kinds of gimmicks, I'm just as interested in how things work.

My professional orientation comes in handy here. I am currently working as a system administrator/developer for one of the larger internet service providers in Germany.

But my experience by profession and hobby covers different grades of programming for Windows, Android and Linux as well as hardware layout design and usability concepts. This also covers GUI styles with focus on user experience and workflow. Related to community driven projects I have also worked together with Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment AB (EA DICE).

Besides a technically oriented degree, I also have a few semesters of political science and journalism behind me. ;)

Because of all this and my professional career, I know the side of the service desk, development & planning and marketing. This is what sometimes leads to - let's say - mediating contributions between the "worlds".

Leisure time with hobbies (family, cats, Argentine Tango) must of course be reconciled with the job. That's why I have much less time to create something like this page and it took quite some time.

So I'm not the classic YouTube Influencer, but rather the tech guy in the background. :)