All information on this site is collected and published due to personal interest. With it I'll try to give an objective overview of a selected range of products, accessories, connected topics and help for the use.

Neither I'm paid, employed by Insta360, nor is this a paid public relation work.

Based on my posts in various topics which also included critics to Insta360, bug reports, feature request and not at least by giving other users help I am part of Insta360's "Community Ambassadors" since March 2021.

Insta360 did supplied me with a OneX2 for my case studies, which helped me a lot to widen my overview about their products, the app usage and to verify problems/bugs in a practical way. Before that was more theoretically because OneX/R/X2 share a big part of functions and components but I only had a OneX.

Insta360 send me also the Premium Lens Guards for testing them, the app and Studio2021 before they were officially lunched.

Range of influence#

I'm aware that my opinion, what I write / publish about products - Insta360 and other - might have an influence on others to convince them or at least influence their decision making progress. Because of that I try to do an objective overview at best I can.

For sure this page is heavily influenced by my own opinion based on my personal usage habits, experience with products and their support and the way I see things. Which is also influenced by my professional work.