Common Information#

Which app is meant?#

When referring to the "Insta360app", it generally means the app published by Insta360 "for the Go2, OneR, OneX2, OneX".

Mentioning the OneX keep in mind that there still is the original "OneX app" which OneX users do need for calibration the stitching, pair the GPS smart Remote with the OneX and to upload video to Google Street View. (Android / iOS)

In general the apps are equal on Android and iOS, there are some small differences in the feature set, but basically they are the same.

While looking for the app you will notice that sometimes the version between Android and iOS will be different. This reflects that at most times new features / options will be released on iOS first, then Android. Actually updates for the Insta360app are released nearly at the same time for Android and iOS.

Where to get the app?#

Depending on the mobile device and its OS you have two ways to get the app.

For iOS devices the app is named "Insta360-GO 2,ONE X2,R,X" and can be found in the Apple AppStore which download link is also linked on Insta360 official software download page.

For Android devices the app is named "Insta360-for GO 2, ONE R, ONE X2, ONE X" in Google PlayStore and equal platforms. That link is also found on Insta360 official software download page.

The Insta360 official software download page also provides a direct *.apk download link for Android devices.

Keep in mind that on a new release the distribution structures of either "Stores" are formed by regional server clusters. Because of that you may experience a delay for an update notification.

What is the purpose of the app?#

The Insta360app fulfils multiple purposes. Besides its main part, give access to control the camera and its settings remotely by a visualization interface, its purpose be divided into different areas:

What are the prerequisites to run/use the app?#

At first take a look at Insta360's own info page about that. This >link< gets you to the OneX2 faq where Q1/Q2 deal with the device compatibility. Besides that make sure your device supports 5Ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It's also good to have a lot of internal storage because at this time of writing the app do not utilize extended storage on external storage devices including SD cards.

Personally I'm running the app on a Huawai Mate10Pro and an iPad mini 5 (wifi only) without problems. Regarding iOS devices without cellular data, keep in mind they have no "real" GPS module. This means they do GPS by a Wi-Fi/BT database lookup to acquire a set of coordinates to use. If they have no internet connection that kind of positioning data will not work. Because of that I enhanced my iPad with an external GPS receiver, a Garmin Glo2 which is connected by BT to it.

Is the source content changed by the edits?#

No. All edits are saved independently and source video / image files are not changed by edits done. The only situation you "change" a source file is by selecting to download only a part of a video. Whereby, however, the original on the camera's SD card remains unchanged.