Why use lens guards?#

If you expect situation with flying dirt, an instable stand, an accidental turn over of your OneX2 it's a good idea to protect the sensible lens glasses of the camera.

A typical usage would be to use lens guard while your OneX2

Which type of lens guards exists for the OneX2#

Currently Insta360 sells two versions of lens guards:

The "Premium Lens Guards" are also referred as ProGuards on this site.

Sticky Guards vs Premium Lens Guards#

Each lens guard type has its Pros and Cons even they join in protecting your OneX2s lens glasses. The following table gives an overview.

Sticky Lens Guards Premium Lens Guards
-- Lens Cover Plastic (PC-1250Y) Glass
-- Bracket Plastic
-- Shaft Metal
Easy On/Off
Type of mount adhesive tape mechanical fastening,
clamp mechanism
Weight 1.5g 36g
Dimensions ∅ = 33.5mm, h = 7.66mm 59.6mm x 53mm x 35.7mm
Splash Proofed
Underwater Usage
-- Waterproofed
-- Sealing Ring
-- max. Depth 10m
-- 360° mode
-- SteadyCam mode
Degrading Effects small none1
Special Stitching Option
-- Insta360app
>= ~v.1.3.6

>= v.1.5.3
-- Studio2021
>= v3.6.6
OneX2 Side Effects
-- USB-C Port

(partly blocked)
---- Charging

---- USB-C Mic Adapter

(not usable)2
---- QuickReader

(not usable)2
-- Microphones 4
2 through holes in sticky lenses
2 + 2 with sound limitations
2 (both sides) uncovered
2 (front/back) covered by ProGuards
-- Display Menu as intended top 2mm covered by ProGuards
---- Usage as intended firmware v1.0.23 and later:
as intended
before firmware v1.0.23:
OneX2 needs to be rotated
to access top-down-slide
settings menu
-- Utility Frame Compatible

Scope Of Application2</sup - record 360° audio
- always-on usage
- all types of dirt-raising sports
- fast moving action recordings where little quality degrading isn't noticeable
- if 1/4" screw mount has to be relieved
- offer a situation aware preparedness through a quick, easy to assemble solution
- in oversighted and mostly controlled situations
- on poles / sticks / 1/4" screw mounts
- temporary usage
Costs (Insta360 Store) ~ $19.99 ~ $49
1while lenses are clean
2can be used with an USB-C extension cable