Based on Studio2022 v4.2.1.

What is Studio202x?#

Studio202x is Insta360 desktop based (Mac/Windows) 360° stitching tool for the wide range of their consumer cameras, not only OneX/OneR/OneX2 but also for the GO/Go2. It also comes with (basic) editing capabilities.

But it's main purpose is to give you the ability to convert Insta360s own container formats (insv/insp) to a more common one like mp4 (h.264/h.265) & ProRes (intermediate codec) for video and jpg/dng for images.

Along with that it "stitches" the double-fisheye type raw format to a connected seamless 360° format. Keep in mind that every 360° content looks flat in a non 360° capable viewer. That is because there is no special media format for 360° content. The common ones are used and only the embedded metadata holds the additional information which allows capable tools to show them in a 360° turn-able way.

360° content can be detected by its 2:1 display aspect ratio but to rely on that would be too few. Therefor metadata in form of Exif/XMP enhanced tags are used.

The most common 360° viewer is probably the GooglePhoto app. Also VLC player is a good alternative with a wide range of implementations.

What does Studio202x offer?#

If you want your Videos (insv) and Images (insp/dng) stitched and converted to a commonly known format Studio202x offers you a free, simple and easy way to exactly do that. Additionally it offers you viewer capabilities for previewing your files.

It also offers to

The last mentioned PremierePro Importer Plugin enhanced PremierePro to directly read insv files, in addition some settings can be done to the content like in Studio202x itself. This is possible because the Plugin makes Studio202x libraries accessible for PremierePro - easy said.

What are the prerequisites to run Studio202x?#

Please have a look at this >link< first. It takes you to the OneX2 faq page in the Studio202x sub-section but you can find it on the OneX/R pages too. Besides that the rule is, use a modern CPU, make sure your GPU has lots of dedicated memory and is able to encode/decode h.264/h.265 in hardware.

Can the PremierePro Importer Plugin installed without Studio202x?#

No. You need to run & install Studio202x. During the installation process the installer asks what parts of Studio202x should be installed.

Are there alternatives to Studio202x?#

No. There are some video editors on the market which allow to do a manual guided stitching, but you will loose the ability to use FlowState stabilization / Direction Lock as well as Case / Lens Guard related stitching options.

Also you have to "force load" insv files with those because even an insv contains a H.264/H.265 encoding most tools will ignore that file type.

What are the limitations?#

With it basic editing abilities it allows to choose the types of export (360° or reframed), trim the start / end points of a video, add keyframes to control a kind of virtual camera and choose the export codec used.

But it can't be used to alter colours, divide or combine multiple videos to one, add an alternative sound layer. For all that you need an additional video editor which at best is 360° aware.

What does insp/insv mean?#

Insta360 uses its own file type extension to mark images or videos saved in its own file format.

The file type extension .insp* marks images. The file type extension .insv marks videos*.

Those extensions can be read as "Insta360 picture" and "Insta360 video".

Where does Studio202x save the edits?#

The moment you change any setting for a content Studio202x generates a project file for that content in which all edits are saved. Those project files have the file type ending "insprj" and use a XML style.

For more information about project files see Studio202x project files.

Can edits be transferred from the app to Studio202x?#

No. Unfortunately that is not possible because Insta360app and Studio202x do not share the same way / format of storing edits done to the source files.