Welcome to insta.pk360.de#

A kind of unofficial knowledge base

This side is meant as a place to collect background information about insta360 consumer grade cameras like OneX/R2/X2, the unified Insta360app and the desktop based Studio2021 tool.

All information and context presented on this site is presented as factually and objectively as possible. However, it cannot be avoided that they are influenced by my own opinion, my experiences with the cameras and experiences from my professional environment.

All details are based on sources accessible via the Internet, forums, groups and responses from the Insta360 service in these. As far as I can, the sources are linked accordingly.

Work in progress#

My initial intentions was just to build a page about the OneX2 Premium Lens Guards together with some of my test shots and my experiences with them. But during that process some side notices came up and I thought it might be a good idea to include my notes I gathered over time. Those are mainly done as markdown files and this site is based on them.

Now, because I have a lot of notes waiting to be published and some new side notes which came up during shaping those already published here, this is a "work in progress". You don't see the final site - if it ever will reach that state - but a growing collection of information.

Site changelog (latest entry):#